The plight of biodegradable packaging materials

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Biodegradable plastics can be divided into completely biodegradable plastics and destructive biodegradable plastics, and light degradable plastics. Destructive biodegradable plastic, like the aforementioned oxidation degradation plastics, the current main including modified starch ( Or fill in) Is the traditional petroleum-based plastics, biodegradable add starch, break down into smaller bits of petroleum-based plastics. Because after decomposition or produce micro plastic, is not a completely biodegradable, some countries have begun to disable oxidation of biodegradable plastics ( 含氧的- - - - - - degradableplastic) 。 France in 2015 began to disable the plastic, Spain in 2016 launched a similar ban. In the UK retailers will no longer use oxidation of biodegradable plastic bags. But compared with the traditional petroleum-based plastics, because this kind of plastic in the natural environment is more easily broken, at least reduce the Marine life because eating or are entangled and deadly risk. Completely biodegradable plastics is completely made of bio-based materials, all can be biodegradable into carbon dioxide and water. Such as the jilin has awarded plastic ban, known to most of the use of plastic bags of PLA and PHA is plastic, polylactic acid (PLA) was built in the jilin special industrial park. And the light degradable plastics is on the main chain of the polymer is photosensitive groups or photosensitizer and light initiator is added in the plastics and make the traditional plastic photodegradation characteristics. Refers to under the effect of sunlight, the polymer molecular chain in an orderly fashion to fracture and lead to its destruction and degradation. Natural environment of light, heat, and so on in light degradable plastics, can make the plastic large molecules into small molecules. But, as the name implies, in the case of can't see the light, Buried in the soil, for example) , light degradable plastics will not degrade.
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