The influencing factors of composite food packaging prices

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Factors affecting composite food packaging price release date: 2020 - 06 - 16 food packaging at present most of them are made up of compound bag, composite food packaging refers to the packaging material is made of various material produced by compound together food packaging bags. Composite food sack to go through several process: composite, printing, bag making. Compound packing bags of food prices which parts? Small make up for everyone, me once today. Composite food packaging price elements: a composite compound process and packing bags of food packaging material is made, and the single food bag is different, it is made of various materials compound together. How many material, thickness, viscose composite type ( Except for co-extrusion) Are the important factors influencing the compound bag price. Such as high temperature sterilization ready-to-use food packaging use aluminum foil compound bag, its various material to high temperature resistant, viscose is high temperature resistant, so it's more expensive than ordinary aluminum foil bag. Composite food packaging price factor 2: the greater the specifications specifications, the material is more more, boot the more loss of material, the higher the price. Price with the specification is not the size of a proportional relationship, a small number of cases, the growth rate of price growth rate is higher than the specifications. Composite food packaging price factor 3: there are contact printing this have a basic understanding of food packaging customization, those beautiful graphic information are printed on bags. The most for gravure printing process that is used by the compound bag price is what kind of color, ink types. Boiled, steamed, high-temperature sterilization packaging use ink or more expensive. Composite food packaging price factor four: different type bag bag, the wastage of the production, the equipment used is different also. Make the more complex, the more loss, equipment price is higher, the higher the price. Now commonly used type bag bag costs order is: three edge-sealing < four edge-sealing self-supporting bag < < eight autoregulating, special-shaped bag bag costs need to see this kind of special difficulty. A: production how to avoid the torn bags when the suction nozzle self-supporting bag? Next up: food packaging material shelf life analysis of the packaging bags
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