The influence of packaging for brand have how old? — Packaging printing

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
Today is a focus on brand business environment, companies have in shaping its own brand image. 【 Packaging printing 】 And how strong the impact of packaging for brand? Let's discuss here. In today's strong brand awareness to identify the design of the industry, the brand is not only a name, a logo, or the combination of graphics, but consumers in mind & other; Intangible value & throughout; 。 A successful brand is vivid, rich in content, and has a strong appeal. Branding is a kind of new ideas and guide, it can form a new vantage point in the field of design and marketing field, made a new competitive advantage and market effect. Packaging is the product of the terminal design, through the packaging, products to the market become a commodity. Packaging as the image of the product, is the consumer with the product direct communication vehicle, is known as & other Throughout the silent salesman &; , consumers use the product after the feeling of certainty and associated memory of packaging. Packing for similar goods of different brand image; Packing and the strategic design of merchandise sales, it is an important part of the product, also is the embodiment of the product value, packaging design can not only promote sales success can also lead to failure. Packaging design is one of the important factors that appeal to consumers, is a kind of tangible brand value. As brand recognition of packaging design should be able to take the initiative, actively spread the brand value.
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