The difference between automatic packaging film and bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-04
Many for the first time to do packing bags of powdery and granular products your guests will have a question, we have to do is obviously bags, however, they did give me a roll of film, this creates a small misunderstanding. Is a kind of automatic packaging film and bags, packing bags of it is made in a process, is simply a bag making process. Benefit is the cost less than to make the bag, at the same price can make a lot of small bags. We all know that the product is smaller, the more you will need bags, such as snack bags, candy bags, cereal, bags and so on, so do the automatic packaging film is a kind of economical choice. We first to get to know the production process of the packaging bags, it helps to distinguish the difference between automatic packaging film and bags! A, the first is plate making, the need to make sure the source file and bag size, then the engraving on the copper plate. Second, printing, burned copper after is computer printing. Third, curing, aging is the purpose of the dilute harmful substances to reduce residue and peculiar smell, such as ink, glue, etc. Four, cutting, we print is usually a few bag printed on the same film, maximum use of materials, cost savings. , cutting and the purpose is to separate the printed bag together, if they are made of automatic packaging film, drum roll up and can be used directly. Five, bag making, printing membrane will want bag type, such as three autoregulating, four autoregulating, eight edge-sealing bag, etc. Believe that after watching the above the packing bag of production process of automatic packaging film after have a understanding, then automatic packaging film is how to make the bags? Each bag of automatic packaging film printing surface surrounded by a black rectangle patch, this is what we call & other; Magic eye position & throughout; , when make bags, our automatic packaging machine mainly according to the electric eye to distinguish each bag. The automatic packing machine will food wrapped, made from food packaging bags. Thus less to the filling process of the product. Powder, granule, glue, and other products, in particular, use of automatic packaging film is far more convenient than bags to operate. Automatic packaging film and bags you'd like to know more knowledge can directly contact our customer service!
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