The big reveal! The influencing factors of composite food packaging film transparency.

by:Kolysen     2021-01-23
Everybody is no stranger to composite food packaging film, so everybody knows what are the factors influencing composite food packaging film transparency? Small make up most people don't feel very clear, so small make up will give you today revealed, respectively is: improper selection adhesive technology, the problem of base material. 1, incorrect adhesive. The adhesive itself color depth; Adhesive liquidity shortage, poor flattening and cannot fully spread out on basal membrane. 2, process problems. 一个。 Bake, inlet temperature is too high or no temperature gradient, inlet temperature is too high, dry quickly, make the glue layer on the surface of the solvent evaporated quickly, surface crust, and then after the internal heat into the glue liquid layer, under the skin membrane solvent gasification, break through the film formation volcanic vents that ring, a circle a circle, also make the rubber is not transparent. b。 Environment too much dust in the air, after the glue drying and hot air blowing entered in the dust. Sticking to the rubber surface, composite sandwiched between two pieces of basement membrane, there are many small point, opaque. c。 Enough glue, the margin, with small air bubble, causing tinea or opaque, should check the gluing quantity, so that it is enough and uniform. 3, base material. Surface tension is not high, adhesive solution for its invasive is not enough, cause uneven film after drying, bit by bit, commonly known as 'pockmarked face film. Above this is the reason why transparency influence composite food packaging film, you have learned? The last small make up remind everyone again: the transparency of composite food packaging film is also very important, we must control!
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