Testing standards of plastic valve bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
A lot of a lot of plastic valve bag in the application of life, can be used for various small items inside and outside the packaging. And food grade raw material to produce valve bag can be used to store all sorts of small zero food, tea, etc. Products are allowed, it also has the performance of the moistureproof waterproof and insect-resistant. In the clothing industry, and other daily necessities packaging is also has great use. Plastic valve bag is can not use any tool can automatically seal, for a sealed bag sealing play a decisive role, but in the use of the time will inevitably have some problems. In the process of production, for example, in the production of link will produce heat sealing pressure seal leakage and wear, cracks and pores or material itself, and the intensity of formation of internal and external connected holes or weak spot, these will directly affect the sealing bag sealing, if lost sealing bag, then with ordinary plastic bags, there is no any difference, so how to test the sealing of plastic valve bag? 1, vacuum observation, plastic valve bag can, through the method of vacuum air pump, the test pressure difference inside and outside, and then observe the expansion of the test items and release the shape of the recovery after vacuum, so that you can to test the plastic self-styled sealing. 2, the water pressure test, the product into vacuum state, then let it all in the test pressure difference inside and outside, in the water in the observed sample gas to escape or water into the inside, so can also determine the sealing performance test. 3, no water penetration method, will test of experimental liquid, and then puts it on the filter paper after sealing, to observe whether experimental liquid has leaked out from the test article. Must remember to both sides are determined.
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