Production of all kinds of kraft paper bags and compound bag what are the features

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
1. Seam bottom openings: a brown paper bag is a kind of traditional, of packaging methods used by a great number of manufacturers. With high strength fiber thread sewing at the bottom of the seal, and rich in the mouth, when unpacking contrast convenient operation. This bag can use together with plastic bags, aluminum foil bag. Appropriate packing of goods: chemical raw materials, plastic materials, powder materials, precision mineral deposits, nano materials, food additives, etc. 2. Square bottom valve pocket, commonly known as: paste bag, is a under the guidance of how to enhance the packaging power, convenient transportation, the birth of the bags. Bag all the appearance is square, very appropriate stacking transport; At the bottom of the valve port, convenient filling material, easy and sealing. Apply to canned equipment of new environmental protection packing, can be divided into: / paper-plastic bag valve pocket or multilayer paper valve pocket. For filling the convenience to punch on the bag body, convenient gas discharge, avoid filling the bag. Can add a layer of plastic film paper center to goods packaging moistureproof demand. 3. The bottom open pocket: also known as: open the bottom pocket. Is a kind of plan as a whole the packing bag of traditional ideas and leading idea, the bottom of the bag is square, enables all function of the bag and the bottom valve pocket than; Openings for the flat, and open the pocket seam at the end of the packing sealing method, suitable sewing the sealing method of the traditional paper center can add a layer of plastic film, used for packaging moistureproof demand of goods. 4. Zhisu composite bag: also called the triad of composite paper bag, is a small bulk containers, major or forklift complete unitized carried on human, it is convenient for shipping, small bulk powder and granular materials appearance koryo, facilitate handling characteristics, is a kind of the most popular and useful general packaging materials. Technology to clarify: selection of refined kraft paper bagoutside and inside choose plastic woven cloth, PP melt after high temperature and high pressure to make plastic particles, kraft paper bagand plastic woven cloth composite together. Can add lining bag. Method the same as bottom slash pockets. Had good strength, waterproof and moistureproof superior characteristics.
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