Principle of plastic flexible packaging printing color

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Plastic packaging plastic flexible packaging for short. Flexible packaging printing color mixing principle of plastic printing color principle: ( 1) Ink color should be used as ink factory production of the hue of the same shape ink; ( 2) Should try to use color close to finalize the design printing ink color give priority to color; ( 3) When the color, should try to reduce ink varieties; ( 4) Deployment of light color ink, should be given priority to with white ink, a small amount to join the primary color ink; ( 5) Dilute plastic membrane is absorbent material, cannot use diluent to dilute the color, should add white ink to dilute; ( 6) Different manufacturers, different kinds of printing ink can't mix. By using the principle of the pigment the subtractive complementary deployment of ink according to the principle of pigment the subtractive complementary colors, complementary hue addition decolorization. In the deployment of color ink, to correctly treat the complementary color, avoid sometimes, sometimes to take advantage of. As in the deployment of three or blunt talk about the original color, should as far as possible avoid mixed with complementary color ink. As complementary with, the more increase the decolorization of composition, the color of chroma, colour and lustre is dim. In production practice, in order to make the white more white, sometimes in white ink to add trace of ultramarine blue ( About 1% or so) To get rid of the white in the yellow tone can achieve a goal; And in black ink to join only a small amount of titanium blue, can eliminate the yellow tones of black ink, black ink ink. Or: when partial red, blue ink in the ink to add only a small amount of green ink, can become yellow blue ink; Similarly, if the blue ink slant yellow, as long as join purple blue ink can be; And when the yellow ink slant blue, in order to obtain partial red yellow ink, add a small amount of orange, and so on. Also, the use of complementary principle to solve practical problems.
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