Plastic flexible packaging bags broken solution

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
Plastic flexible packaging bags broken solution release date: 2019 - 07 - 12 plastic flexible packaging bags have damaged in the production, transportation and storage, is the enterprise common quality problems, in general, the following is most likely to break, The hope business enterprise in the production process can avoid) : 1, in the process of automatic packing damage: automatic packaging, filling the contents of a strong impact on the bottom of the bag, if unable to withstand the shock at the bottom of the bag will appear at the bottom of the crack. 2, transportation and piled up when the damaged products, flexible packaging bags bear because of the goods, transportation process of the friction pile pressure caused by inner pressure increase, the bag burst. 3, punctures: in the process of vacuum packing bag thickness slants thin, vacuum packing bag contraction, content with hard objects, stitch or vacuum machine with hard objects ( Dirt) Puncture bag breakage. 4, high temperature cooking bags, vacuum or high temperature and high pressure sterilization, damaged due to insufficient pressure, high temperature resistant material. 5, frozen bags because of the low temperature, harden crisp packet, frozen fracture resistance, durable thorn to poor broken bags. A: the two factors necessary to prepare food packaging bags next article: to tell you how to detect the aluminum foil adhesive coating
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