Plastic bags need how to test

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
Plastic bags need to how to test release date: 2019 - 08 - 7 now there are many different kinds of plastic packaging bags, used to make plastic packaging material is also very much. So, in order to ensure safety, it is need to strictly when acceptance, and the plastic bags in the inspection from time to tome what requirements? A, single film of plastic bags when acceptance to achieve: appearance can not have bubbles on the use of hindrance, perforation, water lines, critical reinforcement, plasticizing, fisheye frozen block to prevent disease. Specifications, width, length and thickness deviation are due within a prescribed scope. Physical and mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation at break, is it reflect product in use process along with the ability to stretch, if this is unqualified, in use process food sack prone to rupture, damage phenomenon. Second, the composite film of plastic bags when acceptance to achieve: appearance should level off, without cut, burn, bubbles, and oil, and wrinkle, heat sealing level off, without a virtual closure. Film can not have crack, pore and composite layer separation. Without impurities, foreign bodies, and oil and pollution. Moreover bag soaking liquid, can not have odor, odour, turbidity and decoloring phenomenon. Plastic bags used for packaging requirement is very strict, must be nontoxic and harmless, conform to the state laws and regulations, and conform to the relevant compulsory standards, but the packing must be a clear identity: trademarks, licensing, producing area, the site of factory, an enterprise name, date of production, the main components of the product, etc. A: on the characteristics of plastic packaging bags and classification in the next article: food packaging design skills
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