Packaging printing - Printing machine operation

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
1. Collar machine is responsible for overseeing and crew safety equipment and 2. Before operation, homework personnel must be uniform, work shoes, dressed, fasten robe and cuffs, sundry, fell out of the inside pocket is not easy to don't wear a watch, and various accessories. 3. Boot before, should be to each injection point of the machine, lubrication points and all the lubricating oil required to join the 4 tank. Without approval, the crew not to start, operate machinery, assistants and apprentice should work under the guidance of collar machine. 5. Before starting the machine, should check each part of the fuselage for sundry, you must first give the signal, According to the safety bell) Around, before and after the echo, and determine the machine safety to boot. 6. Machine, before the first week of points, and then is week points, lest roller with sundry damage between rubber cloth, plate, etc. 7. Machine, it is forbidden to contact with the hand movement working face, no maintenance and wipe the machine, not allowed to cross rotating parts, to maintain machine protection device is complete. 8. The crew should be according to the division of labor jobs, attention to the different parts of the machine works, found the problem immediately stop processing. 9. Workbench, machine around without sundry, maintenance tools, spare parts in the specified location. 10. Nobody can laughing around the machine work, play and talk loudly. 11. At the end of the work, washing machine, protect the plate, wash clean rubber cloth, embossing roller and roll pillow, shut off the power and fill in the job log. 12. Regular maintenance and repair the machine, and fill in the maintenance records' Packaging printing 】
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