Packaging printing captain summary of experience, the printing effect is very impressive

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Because too many factors affecting the effects of packaging printing, printing is printing sample for inspection and control during the process of operating the most common method of printing quality. Both monochrome printing and color printing, the operator must often use their eyes to printing quality with the sample repeated comparison, in order to find the different printing quality with the sample, timely correction, to ensure the quality of printing products. Professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging specially compiled our printing master is what kind of color, and then interpret why printing out the packing bag of effect is very impressive. 1, the strength of the light directly affect the printing quality sample for the color discrimination, the light and shade of color not only has an effect on the strength of the light, will change color appearance. Usually we query a cylinder by light, meet side of light tones, backlit faces to dark color. The junction is divided into light and shade is center. The same object, is a positive color in standard light source, if the light gradually stronger, its color also subsequently ming-liang xiang hue changes, light enhancement is bound to be far, any color can be white. Black porcelain its glitter also is white, because the spot light focused, and reflection. Similarly, the light is gradually reduced, hue changes of various color XiangMingDu low light reduced to necessarily degree, any color will become dark, because is black objects do not reflect any light. Printing workshop to see sample stage illumination reached about 100 lx, and correctly identify the color. 2, under the light see sample with light sample is there are differences in the produce practice, most is to work in the power supply, and each light source is a must. It brings to the correct discriminant manuscript or product color will be difficult. Under the light color, the color change is generally the same color becomes shallow, complementary color darkened, for example: red light color, light red, yellow orange, dark green, green dark, white and red. Under the green color, green becomes shallow, light green, yellow green yellow, red, black, white, green. Under the yellow color, light yellow, magenta red, blue, green, blue, black, white and yellow. Under the blue color, blue becomes shallow, becomes shallow green, dark green, black, white and blue. Printing workshop selected color temperature is higher, 3500 ~ 4100 k) , with good color coefficient fluorescent lamp as the light source, so also can notice the fluorescent lamp slightly purple. 3, see the sample first to see print and see the print first, then look at the sample, the effect will be slightly different points twice when watching a color is not the same feeling. This phenomenon is called successively color contrast. Why is present successively color contrast echo? Because, this is, look at the color make up, the color of color nerve fibers immediately to see other color, other colors nerve up cause color feeling soon, and look at the color of the color after nerve in the heart of restraint, reinvigorate slower, hue caused a negative response. This response to add new color hue, constitute a new color, so changes after see colour. And change of hue is still have rules, is to look at the complementary aspects of color changes. Understand the problem of the above three aspects, and understand their changes to the rules, so you can understand why the packing bag of printing effect is very impressive, rich printing master, let's have a number of experience and strong to ensure the product quality stability and improve printing.
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