Packaging kraft paper and plastic material advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
On the market, our common packing paper plastic packaging box, these two kinds of packing is the most widely use scope of packaging material. Paper packaging kraft paper packing is the most popular. packaging and plastic packaging has its own advantages. Today we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of kraft paper bagpackaging and plastic packaging. Plastic packing cost is low, the effect is very good also, was once ruler of packaging industry in our country, but under the limit of environmental protection concept, many areas are limiting the use of plastic packaging, plastic packaging in the packaging industry still occupies an indispensable position. Packaging kraft paper packaging on the market for environmental properties and unique color and strong physical properties, cuhk popular packaging industry. Though now advocate use carton packaging, but on the industrial plastic packaging and carton packaging market is on a par, each have half, this is because the raw material is the carton packaging cattle paperboard, on many need waterproof packaging will not be able to use, and plastic packaging can be waterproof. Therefore, we can predict, the development direction of after the carton packaging must be on technology breakthrough, waterproof technology research, if the carton packaging carton packaging will rise to another level.
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