Packaging color difference problem five primary elements, all to dig out

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
In the selection of ink and did you follow the ink purchase program, we normally before the selection of ink, to clear ink system with colorful hue slants phase, such as the original red is slant blue, yellow color is yellow, biased blue are equal, so when choosing ink, hue to fit the enterprise products printing requirement. We also want to do, with the list of ChuDu ink sample using the primary color ink scraping the archive work, for subsequent inspection and sampling observation of the ink supply base. Generally the use of ink should pass small kind, small, medium, large, batch apply, in each time you apply for sample with printing sample preservation, and then to comment on the color stability of the ink supplier. This to avoid off color is the first link. Element 2: sample link the return of the sample is not standard to print off color rendering. Now there are many printing enterprise, without careful specification sample processing, sample also is not standard, when demand printing everywhere looking for sample, sometimes can't find the sample, and clerks to customers with it. Companies like color difference will be emerge in endlessly. Factor 3: sample manufacturing then how to deal with? We are processing directly by the quality management department, the color sample roughly divided into the customer sign the sample with the customer supply color sample. New layout ChuDu printing, most of us are directly by the customer to confirm the sign sample, sample shall be properly kept, its customer's signature has been put into the file cover in keeping the specified products. But here we will prompt many when we print the enterprise did not watch out this problem, the customer sign sample can't catch up with in the subsequent normal produce, facsimile, constitute some unnecessary transaction exchange and dispute. So let's chase samples from the customer's supply what homework to do? By customer's sample plate making and printing ink, printing technology, the influence of may in normal after color printing, it is difficult to fully reproduce the customer samples of colors, in front of the plate to communicate with customers on colour respect its hue error and requirements. And plate making factory according to customer requirements of hue plate making. This can be useful to reduce off color problem after sample. Factor 4: sample preservation links all the new and redesign of the product after confession printing, will demand for the first time inform you sample, sample request: print clearly, no printing quality problems, overprint, hue with sign sample and sample request. Sampling length version 2 weeks. Padding information: producing time, production team, the new or revised, signed a confession, and paste fill sample comment form. Membrane after composite products, according to the sample comment to stay single products sample, sample request: no compound printing quality problems, apparent no obvious scratch, and make the sample comment to confess table. After receiving the sample part qc check in retention samples with signature check, check after cutting sample for specification, requirements on the edge to return with overprint color circle or color sequence block, in order to perfect by cutting lateral dot shape on the picture. Then stick on the specified retention samples of paper samples. Be careful filler is new version is still the redesign. By the quality management department with a special seal for the sample, together with top grade management department head sign it. All workshops will be subject to quality management department sign sample. Do sample processing and implementation of a gay. When customers will to change the color, watch for timely replacement and distributed to each production workshop for samples in a timely manner with a gay! Other in sample time let's be careful make samples samples of upper and lower work, also is say hue to the fault of the planning, so that printing and qc staff can better control hue and color difference at the scene. Elements 5: printing roll link elements version: version of the roll in after the completion of the printing must be careful to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance, no cutting corners on this link, the version of the roll by parts assume that will not be able to clean, is likely to present network congestion phenomenon, then the ink rendered unable to carry out completely, the rendering of off color is inevitable. Why sometimes let's color after less than the sample, why produce the present version of the problem, this is the reason. Version roller cleaning specification should be plug and the roller body could not have ink, should be clean and neat. Other let's do some on version of roller printing resistance rate data, have off color can to help. Now let's normal version roller printing resistance rate at 300000 metres, since ChuDu for printing when we print the number of meters could be carried out, helps version roller arrived at needs repair, can carry on the discrimination in advance, help because version of the problem of shallow ink was carrying rate decreased, then present the colors and after color cannot produce normally.
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