Japan's strict requirements for food packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-06-18
Bright food packaging, which can attract more consumers, but printed on the packaging color design, may be a health hazard. In Japan, 'food hygiene law clear requirements, food packaging can't be too loud, and printed food packaging must be used when special ink. ” Food packaging often printed on the information such as name, composition, design, advertising language. Printed on the bag of these substances, is likely to be contaminated food, cause food safety issues. ” Japan is responsible for food safety inspection of a staff member told 'life times' reporter, in Japan, where food packaging, must replace toluene with alcohol soluble ink printing ink, the ink is stable, not easy to volatilize produce harmful substances. In addition, children's food packaging colour cannot too much, this is also in order to control the ink usage, and the inner packaging must have an isolation membrane. Reporter noted that many Japanese food is also a toy for children but toys are on the outside of the food bag and gift packing, absolutely not like domestic, into the food bag inside. Japan's 'food health law' also stipulates that food packaging must be tasteless. After some businesses in order to attract consumers, create some spied bags, tested contains excessive amounts of volatile substances, so officials banned use it for packing food.
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