How to make the frozen food packaging in the frozen environment better save

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Due to the content itself feature or product quality requirements, some products need to cold storage, such as ice cream, ice cream, frozen food, frozen fish, etc. Low temperature environment in inhibiting microbial growth, however, food sack to ensure good product quality at the same time, also in the transport, storage and sales of product packaging sealing and integrity in the process of challenges. Packing damage is one of the most common frozen bags quality problems. Food wrapping under the condition of low temperature, flexible packaging bags ability of activity within the molecular chain of polymer material is reduced, the ability to resist external deformation is reduced, namely on the macro performance for the impact resistant ability is abate, leading to decreasing flexible packaging flexibility, increasing brittleness, when impacted by external force, appear easily torn bags, air leakage and so on. Food packaging bags so how to improve the flexibility of packaging material at low temperature, reduce the damage rate. First of all, food packaging should choose according to the content characteristics and reasonable cost control packaging materials. For example, OPP/LDPE material moisture, cold resistant, low temperature heat sealing good tension, economic cost, is more commonly used materials in low temperature. Second, monitoring packaging cold resistance. Display of cold resistance is RuanSu an important performance index of packaging materials, is the assessment of packaging material under the condition of low temperature flexibility, the physical properties of change, is the low temperature environment index of circulation should focus on the packing of the products. Cold tolerance as material can not meet the requirements, in the case of low temperature, material can't maintain the original physical performance, cause bags to crack and craze, can meet the protection to the contents. Food bag by selecting proper resin raw materials, improving packaging materials processing technology, add right amount of plasticizer, choose good low temperature resistance of packaging materials and other measures can effectively improve the cold resistance of packaging bags, packaging to prevent low temperature environment breakage rate increase. Cold tolerance pendulum impact test for testing are available, and detection method by comparing standard environmental conditions and low temperature environment ( Most of the 18 ℃ below zero) Under the pendulum impact tests can, cold tolerance should be no less than a fixed percentage ratio, such as QB/T1871 - The two-way stretch nylon 93 ( BOPA) Low density polyethylene ( LDPE) Specified in the composite film, bag material cold tolerance should not be less than 60%, detection method is as follows: the sample in - After 18 ℃ for 2 h, as stipulated in the GB8809 can determine the pendulum impact resistance film, cold tolerance and press type calculation, taking the two significant figures. In addition, don't ignore bags comprehensive physical properties testing. Plastic bags, such as tensile properties, packaging durability performance testing. Plastic bags used for frozen food flexible packaging material should have certain flexibility, such as at room temperature, less flexible material, low extension, and in the finished product packing internal high pressure forming, material forming resistance easily, cause the bag burst. And frozen food is relatively hard, transportation and storage process, the product to be squeezed, plastic bag is only can resist material has good penetration performance of puncture force from content. Therefore, plastic bags of frozen food packaging materials should not ignore the material such as tensile performance, durable thorn comprehensive physical properties of detection.
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