How to discern the stand or fall of tea bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
Generally we buy tea bags in stock and custom this two ways, how to discern the stand or fall of tea bags? First of all, on the premise of relevant qualification from the official website or electric business platform to understand factory production scale and production workshop environment, cross-domain bigger and workshop we do not consider the environment is dirty. Second is to look at the main products, can first batch of small bag back, Custom directly to ask for the sample bag to the businessman of customer being ok, the general do custom packaging manufacturers will provide free sample bag) After all the packing bag of pictures show a limited impact. After the samples: one, judging by touch, good tea bag packaging feels more comfortable, smooth or soft, and inferior plastic bag is not only hard, also very rough, such bags we're going to be cautious, try to choose the packing bag of material feels more comfortable. Second, is judged by smell, good tea bag is tasteless, and inferior tea bags will have pungent odor, and the pungent taste for a long time can't dispersed, the taste of some bags or even toxic, it is important to note that when we are choosing the tea bags, encounter this kind of bags to choose carefully, especially the tea packing. Third, try to spin off of tea bags, tea bags are made of layers of plastic film composite and composite good tea bag is difficult to layered, and composite more bad of the tea bags are easy to layered, the packing bag of this resistance capability is poor, it is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, affect the quality of the tea, is not conducive to sales. Four, the printing color, very good tea bags uniform printing color is more clear, and inferior tea packaging color is not uniform, appearance is very bad, this kind of tea bag packing we also need to polish eyes, carefully chosen. The above four methods all have no problem, then we can negotiate with merchants cooperation. About the quality of tea bags more discrimination method can directly contact our manufacturer for you to solve!
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