How to design the aluminum foil bag bag type?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Aluminum foil bag as bags important members of the family, and its derivatives are also welcomed by the mall, in the clothing, cosmetics, food, hardware electronics, etc has been widely used in all walks of life. Suction nozzle, such as aluminum foil bag, self-reliance of aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil zipper bag, eight edge-sealing aluminum foil bag, etc are based on different product packaging requirements and design out of aluminum foil bag bag type, which can adapt to different packaging requirements. Professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging that when designing a new shape of the aluminum foil bag packing, generally want to consider all aspects, should according to the nature of their own product and the corresponding structure design of the packaging requirements of the state-owned enterprises, mainly from whether to facilitate delivery of storage, whether to facilitate display exhibition, is easy to use and so on several factors to consider. 1, whether to facilitate delivery of storage is aluminum foil bag as flexible packaging, its transport storage is convenience and the traditional packaging one of the differences. In aluminum foil bag when planning to ensure that the product structure and firm, make sure when stacking, loading and unloading and transport can perfectly protect the security of the products. 2, whether to facilitate display exhibition for packaging products, is very important in marketing products display, and after packaging structure design, aluminum foil bag can better highlight the product features and convenient for the customer to identify the product, accurately choose the required products, even can pass transparent packaging planning to attract customers. 3, is easy to use aluminum foil bag manufacturer to produce the aluminum foil bag products must also be considered when customers use whether lunch, after add zipper design, for example, can be convenient customer repeat use aluminum foil bag; After adding the suction nozzle design, also can let the customer in the case of no damage to the aluminum foil bag, easily access internal packaging. In addition to the above points, the aluminum foil bag should also consider the quality and appearance design, will try to be beautiful and easy, fashionable.
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