High temperature vacuum bag cannot be put in the microwave heating

by:Kolysen     2020-06-26
Vacuum bag has widely used in all around us, general vacuum bag can be high temperature resistant than ordinary temperature. Vacuum bag now through constant technical improvement, can resistance to high temperature in the water. In general, high temperature vacuum bag in boiling water resistance to high temperature is 121 degrees can be boiled for 45 minutes. There is a can be 131 degrees in boiling water for 30 minutes. There is a most high temperature of 141 degrees high temperature for 15 minutes. We found that the higher the temperature of high temperature bag can bear the shorter the time in it. Microwave oven temperature is higher than the temperature of the water a lot, there is currently no breakthrough technology research field of vacuum bag can withstand the heat of the microwave oven, so we usually buy in high temperature vacuum bag is not can be placed in the microwave heating. 【 Vacuum bags 】 【 Food bag] 【 Food packaging manufacturer 】
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