High performance composite plastic substrate 'CPP'

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
In packaging industry, packaging materials significantly affects the performance of the packet, the packet is doing is good, in addition to the design, structure and use of packaging material is also very important, CPP as one of the most common packaging material, it has what characteristics and usage scenarios. ( 1) Universal. Multi-layer co-extrusion flow film ( “ CPP” ) Designed for different purposes, different co-extrusion coherent orientation. Because of the process properties. Through rapid cooling in the chill roller, in the film is formed on the excellent transparency and glossiness. Application scenarios used in bread, for example, packaging, clothing, porous fruits such as packaging, or printing marketing copywriter has pattern, compound of BOPP/CPP two layer membranes, used in dry cloth, food ( Bags, such as instant noodles bowl cover, etc. ) The packing. Universal CPP was copolymerized PP/PP/copolymer PP or are gathering. ( 2) Metal mold. Product appearance of steamed metallized ( Such as aluminum) With a strong adhesion strength, high temperature cooking after can still maintain good dimension stability and rigidity. In addition has lower heat sealing temperature and high heat sealing strength. With base material such as BOPP, BOPA compound may be useful to tea, Fried crispy food, biscuits and other high quality packaging. ( 3) Cooking type. Used for cooking the second copolymerization of CPP, able to withstand 120 ℃ and 0. 15 mpa pressure cooking sterilization, high air tightness. Not only ensure the nutrition and taste of the product will not be lost, and can improve the shelf life of products, in the environment of high temperature film will not crack, peel or adhesive, with good stability, often with nylon membrane or polyester film composition, containing liquid packaging food and meatballs, dumplings and other food or food processing frozen food. Cooking type three-layer composite membrane structure of BOPET/AL/CPP, BOPA/AL/CPP. Single type cooking three layer PP membrane structure for the copolymerization PP/copolymer PP/copolymer PP. ( 4) Type high-temperature cooking. Packaging roast chicken, barbecued spareribs and jam, beverage, 121 ~ 135 ℃ high temperature sterilization of the three layers of copolymerization CPP film, including PP request type cooking than as usual with copolymerization PP performance better. In addition to the three layers of film and stretch film barrier property five layers of packaging, its structure is: the PP/adhesive/PA/adhesive/copolymerization PE; PP/adhesive/PA/adhesive/EVA; PP/adhesive/EVOH/adhesive/PE; PP/adhesive/EVOH/adhesive/EVA; ; PP/adhesive/EVOH/adhesive/PP etc. Cooking bags CPP film should use polypropylene or blending modification of polypropylene pellet manufacturing, and should not adopt polypropylene. Since use are made of polypropylene CPP film after high-temperature cooking crispy will happen, in the drop test pincer-like device easy to burst, causing leakage content. In addition, the limit temperature of the inner layer thin film adhesion, medium density polyethylene is 110 ℃, especially polyethylene is 120 ℃, polypropylene is 125 ℃, especially polypropylene is 140 ℃. Good materials significantly affects the stand or fall of bags, with a variety of material collocation, can have a variety of features, makes using range is very wide.
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