Health food packaging, warning language will be implemented next year

by:Kolysen     2020-06-30
On August 20, this year, the market supervision bureau issued a 'health food labeling warning language guide & ndash; — ( Hereinafter referred to as the language guide) , the guide will come into effect on January 1, 2020. The language guide is put forward, it is suggested that health food for certain people, but not used in the treatment of disease. In order to guide the health care food warning labels, consumers are more likely to distinguish between the health care food and general food & emsp; Drugs, and guide consumers' rational consumption. Requirements 1. Health food packaging label set warning language and terms. Warning area is located in the smallest sales packaging ( Or other container) The main display layout, the area should not be less than 20% of its face. Warning language areas of the background of the text and warning term area between clear off color. Warning phrases in bold print, include the following contents: health food is not drugs, not a substitute for drugs for the treatment of disease. 2. When the main shows the layout of the surface area is greater than or equal to 100 square centimeters, the font height not less than 6. 0 mm. When the main display the layout of the surface area smaller than 100 square centimeter, warned that the minimum height of the font with the above change proportionately. 3. Health food packaging label service complaints telephone & emsp; Service time and other information. Complaints service telephone font and & other; Health care function & throughout; The same font. 4. Health food production and operation enterprises to ensure the commitment of service during the period of answer. Handle customer complaints, reports and records, in order to save at least 2 years relevant service information. 5. In addition, the health food business operator or network platform such outstanding position in the business premises that have been shown to work & other; Health food is not drugs, not a substitute for drugs to treat disease & throughout; Consumption, such as tips and information, and guide consumers' rational consumption. Regulation, health food sold on the minimum product packaging ( Container) Apparent position clearly marked the production date and shelf life. And the site shall be accurate annotation in packaging. 1. Date label should be in contrast with the location of the background color, in addition to the laser etching, it is easy to identify. Date label may not be additional & emsp; Patches or tampered with. 2. The direct contact with food in bags in the packing sheet more health food finish time is the manufacturing date. 3. When the same bags contain more than one piece of food, it says on the package of each food manufacturing date and expiration date. 4. Dated year month day. Middle-aged, month, day date available ( ” Space & quot; ,“; /' ,“; - - - - - - ” ,' 。 ” ) Such as symbols, or no delimiters. S using 4 digit mark, month, day, respectively, using two digital annotations. 5. Validity to & other; On XX XX, XXXX & throughout; The format of the description. Issue to further implement the terms of the guide to strengthen the regulation of health food, allow the public to understand health care food is not a drug. Contain false outlaws exaggerate the effect of health food & emsp; False propaganda disease treatment function, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In health food packaging warning label is clean and health food industry is an important part of the corrective actions. It is beneficial to strengthen enterprise's main body responsibility, sets up the integrity and self-discipline, show a responsible attitude to consumers; Helps to limit the merchant's false marketing behavior. It helps protect consumers' right to know, to make a consumer to choose more reasonable.
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