For the choice of plastic vacuum bag needs to pay attention to what issues?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Plastic vacuum bags in accordance with the plastic film layer, can be divided into two major categories of single membrane and composite membrane vacuum bags, segmentation can be divided into a layer, two layer, three, four, or even 10 layers. Vacuum bag in transport packing and selling, have much use. Then the plastic vacuum bag we after all what to choose? 1, durable thorn strength after vacuum plastic bags. Both transport packaging and sale of packaging, packaging of one of the important role: maintenance of food. If stabbed broke, mostly less than maintenance role. So we want to know whether our product has a sharp material, targeted to reach what level. Ordinary method, let the packaging manufacturer supply sample, vacuum packaging test, and then throw, throw, pressure and other methods, and then see if there is a broken bag. 2 in what environment, vacuum bag. Contains processing environment, storage, transportation environment, different environment to choose different plastic films and printing process. For example, ready-to-eat brine duck palm, after vacuum packaging, selects the high temperature sterilization and water sterilization, on the documents demanded of bags are different. High temperature sterilization for plastic film resistance to high temperature above 121 ℃, high temperature 100 ℃ water sterilization requirements, and high temperature environment is not water soluble, water resistance is better. 3, maintain food other needs. Food vacuum bag choice is to extend shelf life, better preserve its color, aroma and taste. Besides need durable thorn, there are many other functional requirements. Such as salt baked chicken, salt baked chicken wings they're all grease, aromatic molecules, plastic bags have oily and sweet resistance is necessary.
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