Food processing black sites was end, 2000 bags of seized - 'black food' - - - - - - Food packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-18
Recently, fengtai food drug administration joint public security, neighborhood office and other departments, increasingly a food processing black sites, buckle has processed food products of more than 2000 bags. Accesses xincun street community, according to the clues fengtai west railway station near a covert rent compound existence illegal food processing centers. After reception, fengtai food drug administration, inspectorate, xincun street agency, see Dan police station quickly to the site investigation, after verify the assault seized. Law enforcement officers came to processing place, a worker on a variety of bulk packing, the ground clutter with bearing & other; Throughout xinjiang jujube &; 、“ Super peak selected tremella & throughout; Of all kinds of carton, a large aluminum pot placed in the food processing in the humble, within a large number of dried longan, food bags, and a scoop of loading. “ Processing workers, said he in the place of steps, such as bulk packing, weighing, sealing and will have the seal of finished product to send, where specific sent to is not clear. ” Then, execute the law personnel also found a lot of is not opened in the warehouse rock sugar, longan, such as food, the food served in large plastic woven bag, without taking any insect-resistant moisture-proof measures. Law enforcement personnel on-site detained sealing machine 1, 3 cases of packet, and rock sugar, longan, jujube and so on more than 10 kinds of food products more than 2000 bags, and quickly to manufacturing sites, warehouses that are within the dens to seize. “ After verification, the place has not obtained the food production and operation license, engaged in the food processing management behavior without authorization. At present, the case is pending further. ” Related officials said.
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