Food packaging manufacturers to introduce bags of transparency is not good for you

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
Food packaging bags transparency, to you not good release time: 2019 - 12 - 25 we often use in daily life food packaging bags, some items need to be stored for a long time we can choose vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging is usually transparent, but also encountered some vacuum bag transparency is not good, and even some cloudy spot, what's the causes of these problems? Vacuum bag transparency is not good, there are five reasons. A vacuum bag transparent substrate itself has a problem, the inner surface of base material with crystal, shark skin, as well as the quality problems or polluted bags when printing ink. Two, adhesive color too deep, because the demand is high transparency, so try to avoid to choose deep yellow, dark red, the adhesives is colorless. Three, inappropriate with glue program will lead to the main agent and curing agent is not fully mixing. Colloidal particles may be produced. Four, the outward appearance has defects, such as glue spot five, bake, improper temperature. At the beginning in bake, when temperature is too high, will let the packaging surface glue solution concentration increased, surface crust, not uniform. A good product should be carefully crafted. The company production of food packaging bags, aluminum foil bag, retort pouch conform to the requirements of the food, quality assured. The previous: help you to find a suitable plastic bags next article: tell you use the vacuum bags need to pay attention to?
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