Food packaging manufacturer to tell you how to detect sealing

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
A lot of food in the process of storage, happen to rot, etc. , cut off its many reasons comes from the film with poor sealing performance is good food packaging bags, today, let's talk about food packaging sealing problem.

so-called seal, is refers to the bags cut off the outside world other material into the bag or the object of the inner packing overflow, in the process of food packaging, due to the production of the link is more, may produce heat sealing leakage of sealing, pressure to wear, and so on and so forth, lead to poor sealing, this can have a great influence on food safety issues, especially some not sealed hole, can lead to food directly exposed to the air outside, the meaning of lost packet fresh.

for food packing, the packing seal tests before and after, whether in packaging intact seal intact.

liquids such as milk, for example, if we hand a squeeze will find leaks, as long as not leak, sealing is allowed, but solid, such as biscuits, bread, how to test the seal?

is usually use vacuum method to test the tightness, put the cookies into the water, to the outside world of pumping air into vacuum state, if packing bag sealing is not good, leak, it will produce bubbles like a flat tire, so that we can directly find is where spills.

above is whether in our check for normal food packaging sealing good method for small household, food packaging manufacturer for many years engaged in production and sales of food packaging products of various kinds of to welcome in need of friends to visit our factory.

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