Food packaging manufacturer to teach people how to identify plasticizer?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
General enterprise, plastic packaging materials food safety products including synthetic resin as the main raw material, adding the right amount of plasticizer ( The plasticizer) , stabilizer, antioxidant and other additives, under the condition of certain plasticizing process is made and be become. The commonly used plastic food packaging polyethylene ( PE) The polypropylene ( PP) , polyester ( PET) And polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) 。 Among them, the polyethylene ( PE) And polypropylene ( PP) Itself has a non-toxic, processing production process using amount of plasticizer added few enterprises even basic don't need to add, so for polyethylene ( PE) And polypropylene ( PP) Is the development of the health, safety, good packaging design materials. For polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Product, experts say, plasticizers added more, meet high temperature or fat, can lead to migration of plasticizer, now rarely used for direct food packaging.

according to the material of terephthalic acid ethyl ester ( PET) And high density polyethylene ( HDPE) Two kinds of commonly used bottles on the market. PET bottle for more dressed as mineral water, carbonated drinks, etc. ; HDPE bottles for milk, etc. Bottles generally can only be used at the same time, try not to repeat use, not into the hot water or hot drink. Some students consumers can use all sorts of alcohol beverage bottle filling, vinegar, soy sauce and other condiments enterprises is not desirable. According to the reporter can understand, studies have reported that the united Arab emirates (uae) as a 12 year old girl was 16 consecutive months with the same using mineral water bottles for drinking water and cancer.

for the same material plastic bags, how should we correct? Food packaging bags manufacturer to remind you, food packaging according to the material also can be divided into polyethylene ( PE) , PVC ( PVC) Such as species. Can be used for all kinds of food, such as meat, cooked food, grease food, bean products, vegetables, fruits and other protective and packaging, however, even with a plastic wrap label 'can be used microwave heating or high temperature use', suggested that the user should also be careful, don't use the microwave, as far as possible don't use high temperature.

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