Food packaging manufacturer and material characteristics of aluminum foil bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
Aluminum foil bag is no smell avirulent environmental protection material, aluminum foil bag in the momentum of development in our country is also good, a lot of places have related factory, our one-stop packaging technology experience, quality assurance. Common aluminum foil bag, its surface usually has the gloss properties, means it does not absorb light, and take the multilayer production, therefore, aluminum foil both good shading, also has the very strong insulated, and because of aluminum components inside, therefore also has the very good oil resistance and softness. Low-temperature meat products such as easy metamorphism and need low temperature sterilization products on the strength of the packaging requirements is not high, but it demands of its, has excellent barrier property, so you can choose pure co-extrusion film. Aluminum foil and plastic film compound aluminum foil bag, effective use of the characteristics of the high-temperature cooking and completely shading, make cooking bags, packaging of cooked food, multi-layer composite film is also used in biscuits, snacks, drinks, etc. Small food packaging. On the one hand is the original aluminum foil surface oil, will weaken between adhesive and the original aluminum foil stick relay. Heat sealing strength, on the other hand, also with the original aluminum foil surface of the metal composition and photometric influence the heat sealing strength enough. A primary concern is not the function of the packing bag, but its safety. However, consumers can rest assured that the aluminum foil bag is no poison and no special odor. Bag of fastness mainly divided into two kinds, in accordance with strong and hot air solid degrees.
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