Food packaging bags custom need to pay attention to details and processes, to collect

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
In daily life, whether shopping or family, it is full of food packaging beautifully designed, easy to use. In fact, food packaging bags, like food of close-fitting clothing, it not only protect food role, and facilitate the storage, transportation and food sales. In most cases, food packaging bags unique beautiful appearance is also a sharp eye to attract consumers. We all want to know the exactly how to customize the fine food packaging bags? Professional packaging flexible packaging manufacturers think, no matter how do you want to go to custom food packaging bags, all must abide by a principle, that is must choose a good food packaging manufacturer, a strength and scale of custom manufacturers to ensure the food packaging of custom made more elegant, the quality is better. A, food packaging bags custom need to pay attention to the six problems: 1, custom manufacturer must have qualifications of formal enterprises; 2, factory production of food packaging must conform to the food safety standards, ready-to-eat foods should use avirulent, clean packaging materials, tableware, kitchenware, and containers. 3, the choice of food packaging material should meet the following requirements: biodegradable or recycled, accord with environmental protection requirements; Comply with relevant food containers and packaging materials and health standards. 4, food packaging should be in bulk food containers, the mark on the outer packing food's name, date of production or production batch number, expiration date and production operator name, address, contact information, etc. 5, qualified food packaging factory sales must be printing & other; QS” Mark, there is no sign that may not be sold into the market. 6, food packaging should have sufficient thickness and strength, so as to ensure the function of the packs. Second, food packaging customization is divided into nine steps: 1. Design and good food packaging specification, material, thickness, bag type, according to the data for business designer or team of professional design and production outsourcing design drawings, design must give advice and ultimately determine the bag design. At the time of design, in particular, should pay attention to the words on the packet of information, such as: factory name, ingredients, product introduction, origin, turnning, specifications, food labels, QS certification, hygiene license number, production date, storage conditions, shelf life, edible method, manufacturer name and address, product code and contact phone number, etc. , these QS and barcode must not be less. 2. After the draft process of determining, need professional technicians to color separation of pattern, to fix some not clear place, at the same time also need a dozen process to complete the process, here not introduce one by one, if need more information, you can visit the packing. 3. Printing after the raw material preparation, using high-speed printing machine was carried out on the membrane surface printing, printing each color has a plate roll, plate rolling is carved intaglio engraving. 4. Compound after printing, the surface film and easy to heat sealing layer membrane composite with special glue peritoneal machine at high speed. 5. After the curing compound, need more than 45 degrees curing aging chamber, in order to make plastic bags is not easy to take off a layer. 6. Bag after curing, plastic bags of production has been coming to an end, this time is need to have certain skills, technical personnel must ensure that the color bags sealing side is good, do not leak. 7. The quality of plastic bags test the main project has the size ( Mm long, wide the mm thick, um) , color, appearance, overprint error, peel strength, heat sealing strength, etc. Length, width is ruler, thickness detection using the thickness gauge. To examine the color difference, mainly through sealed samples with the standard check, at arm distance color difference should be consistent. In terms of color in packaging will be through a 50 times a magnifying glass to check the color of the print, the general color, is the combination of one node, if the color is wrong, so will be irregular outlets. General site are rules of packaging and printing, and branches are round. To overprint error checking is mainly visual, observe whether there is printing the phenomenon of ghosting. Peel strength and heat sealing strength mainly adopts AGS - 5 KNG electronic universal testing machine for testing. Detection principle of tension meter is the same with the computer. 8. Warehouse for quality inspection qualified plastic packaging bags, packaging, unified management into the storehouse, so that the late shipment. 9. After shipment packaging warehousing, shun xing source packing will contact the customer, closer home delivery, distance to high standards of logistics distribution. Three recommended packaging, food packaging customization on the specialty is engaged in the packaging industry has been 20 years, dedicated to professional, the company since was established, has been to & other; Mutual cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, common development & throughout; For the purpose, and constantly to do fine, do fine, and stronger, and lead in flexible packaging industry. At the same time packaging has four unique advantages: reasonable price: packing can according to different materials, different process to give customers the most comprehensive and reasonable quotation. Uphold the fine style: packaging, there is a lot of practice for more than 20 years of professional master of color printing, and have professional qc check the printing quality problem below, do bags every detail to pure beauty. High efficiency: the packaging be good at coordinating the supply chain, and have a complete order from access to the finished product delivery process, realize from raw materials to finished product delivery state of high efficiency, saving the cost of a lot of time for the customer.
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