Detailed analysis of rice fragrant flowers of rice bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
Rice fragrant flowers mizan rice acupuncture even green pond water flowers flocculant to fly xia xie was busy sweet since the laurel blossoms filled the air. Slowly fall meters such as bead jade soup such as cream it is a rice bags, high 52 cm wide 26 cm thickness is 15, carry weight about 5 kg of rice, its material composition, respectively extinction, white kraft paper, resistance to high pressure of membrane, on the basis of purposes and for the shape belongs to the bag, food bag, vacuum bag, open the window four edge-sealing bag, kraft paper bagbags, bags and so on, the product of the production difficulty is that should not only meet the requirements of the vacuum, and load weighing 5 kg weight, especially mobile parts
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