'2' HDPE plastic food bag can hold food?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
1: the PETPET ( Plastic) Bottle is currently the most widely used bottles, usually colorless transparent. Used for: mineral water, carbonated drinks, juice, etc. Advantages: high transparency, can see the contents of the bottle; Resistance to acid and alkali, it can be carbonated drinks; Water proofing property is high, not easy. Note: plastic bottles can not put inside car in the sun; Don't put wine, oil and other substances, hazardous substances dissolved out easily. No. 2: HDPEHDPE on various translucent, and opaque plastic containers are widely used, feel is thicker. Commonly used in: white bottle, shampoo bottle opaque, yogurt, chewing gum, etc. Advantage: more resistant to all kinds of corrosive solution, used in cleaning supplies, bath products, etc. Note: all cleaning supplies, bath products bottles can be reused after cleaning, but these containers usually wash not clean, the remaining material will become a hotbed of bacteria, it is best not to recycle. No. 3: PVC PVC bottle at the bottom of the circle is a line, this is the difference of plastic bottles. When this material can only be 81 ℃ heat resistant, high temperature is easy to produce harmful substances, is now rarely used in food packaging. Commonly used in: raincoat. Note: if there are containers of food use PVC material, it is best not to buy. More than 4: LDPE used in appliances, such as plastic film, not as a beverage container. Commonly used in: cling film, plastic film
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