Vacuum-packed meat common antiseptic save way

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
Vacuum-packed meat what sterilization preservation methods, the following common sterilization methods introduced three kinds of meat for you hope to help the old and new customers: the first kind, high-temperature cooking sterilization: general sterilization temperature over 100 ℃, 10 - sterilization time 45 minutes, is the meat industry to use more a way of sterilization, sterilization is complete, after the sterilization temperature storage, but a larger influence on meat flavor and taste. Such as common sauce duck vacuum packing, halogen pig vacuum packaging, etc. In addition, high temperature cooking meat sterilization packaging materials used by must have certain resistance to high temperature. The second, low temperature sterilization ( Pasteurized) : general sterilization temperature is below 100 ℃, sterilization time, generally for a few minutes to ten minutes, taste, flavor of meat preservation is better, but still remain part of the heat resistant microorganisms, so the short shelf life in general, need low temperature preservation after sterilization. If you need low temperature storage of sausage, etc. Third, irradiation: general lower than 10 kgy irradiation dose, can keep the meat color, appearance and good sense, and the sterilization effect is good, such as irradiation chicken feet. To be near the name of the food irradiation of meat to make a sign. In addition, the irradiation will affect the performance of the power remains to be verified.
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