Vacuum packaging qualification rate of testing standards

by:Kolysen     2020-07-12

vacuum bags in the food industry is the most common type of bag, because of the barrier property of the air outside the huge advantage and occupation of the market.

as the market to pay more and more attention to the quality of plastic packaging bags, packaging bags manufacturer of plastic vacuum bag closure even cooking sex demand is higher and higher. Vacuum packaging quality detection means is involved. Here we mainly explain vacuum packaging is how to determine the percent of pass. Physical ability to do a reference for clients. Concrete is summarized as the following:

1, check the appearance of the vacuum bag. The most intuitive to check whether there is obvious scratch plastic bags; Is there a pinhole; Is there a printing pollution; Whether the pincer-like device glue is firm.

2, sealing sealing strength check. The stand or fall of a vacuum bag sealing, is the key to the vacuum bag is qualified or not. Also is the key to whether high vacuum bag quality. Check the strength of the pincer-like device is generally is to look at guangdong plastic bags. Or with flat feet to squeeze the sliding pincer-like device. See if pincer-like device will be torn.

3, plastic bags break, pinhole checking. Leakage check general advice customer dye penetration method for testing, the process is will take color bag surface active agent to join the vacuum bag, the bag body square on the filter paper, observation of 5 - Filter paper is colored liquid pollution in about 10 minutes, no pollution and the bag body double face detection.

4, test the durability of the vacuum bag. Durability testing general bag body drop method is used to test and put a plastic bag in a certain height to drop test, the height according to the bag body size and weight.

5, the pressure resistance testing of vacuum bag. This is simple, the extrusion method test by heavy objects can, put plastic bag on the desktop, increase the weight by extruding. Last 3 - 10 minutes condition for qualified products.

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