To tell you to determine whether composite bags damaged several factors

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Composite bags broken bag is an important aspect of affecting composite bags eligibility, it decided to change the packing is feasible, is the basic requirement of composite bags. There are many factors that can affect composite bags torn bags, just a few main aspects. 1, composite film peel strength if composite film peel strength is too low, to meet the multi-layer composite force requirements at the same time, better dispersion, cause you cannot do so in the process of falling, will cause broken bag. In addition, in high temperature cooking bags, because some glue heat resistance is not good, especially in some complex structure ( Such as BOPA15 / AL7 / CPP70) When, in high-temperature cooking, also can cause in the sealing side of rupture, composite membrane delaminating phenomenon. 2, bag bag making process of high temperature, cause the loss of heat sealing material around the area of the heat sealing performance; Bag making pressure is too large, resulting in heat sealing place out of the heat sealing material, sealing in heat and intensity is reduced, resulting in broken bag of bags in the fall. Heat seal bag making too sharp or have mechanical fly thorn, will damage the edge of the bag heat sealing, resulting in broken bag phenomenon. 3 material must have sufficient thickness, material, thickness will cause the strength of the composite membrane is insufficient, resulting in broken bag. Note the addition of reworked material in the material, reworked material performance will reduce, add too much, composite film strength is insufficient, resulting in broken bag. In the process of the PE film bag, add the LLDPE and mPE in order to improve the strength and flexibility of PE, thus reducing the torn bags. When the package is used in cold environment, must choose good low temperature resistance of packaging materials ( Such as BOPA) To produce composite membrane, otherwise it will cause low temperature freezing environment embrittlement of composite membrane. 4, and other aspects in packing some heavy or powder items such as salt, washing powder and so on, after filling in the item before the heat sealing, bag air out, should be to reduce the packaging the stress of the wall, let the solids loading directly, in order to reduce the breakage of the bag. 5, toughness and strength drop sexual relationship, when the bags thermal bonding strength is measured in view to the force deformation curve of the integral area of basic represents the size of the packaging material can absorb energy in the process of drawing size. Although packaging materials tensile curve can not simulate the disguised the force deformation curve of falls, but still can show main factors influencing the performance of the fall. In addition, the temperature drop sex on packing has obvious effect. Winter, for example, OPP/CPP material of some bags, the phenomenon of the damage rate increases, moreover, the low temperature storage environment on the mechanical property of the packaging is also a big test.
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