To tell you how to detect food packaging sealing sex

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
Food packaging bags in the store, many of the cause of built-in objects to rot, one of the most common reason is membrane blocking performance and poor sealing of the packaging bags. For the former, need to design packaging fully consider each layer of the performance of the material, thickness, in order to obtain enough blocking performance. Here, we focus on sealing of the packaging bags. Sealing, refers to the packaging to prevent other material into the characteristics of the escape or built-in objects. In the production of food packaging, because the production process is more, may produce heat sealing leakage of sealing, pressure wear or crack, microporous material itself, and the intensity of form inside and outside the connecting holes or vulnerabilities. These can have a very adverse effect on food, directly affects the quality of the products. Especially the hole, the part of food directly exposed to the air, the meaning of lost packet fresh. For sealing performance, pre-prevention and later detection is important. Among them, to strengthen the detection, timely seal found defective parts can be used for reference in advance to prevent. Milk bags, for example, if leakage, a crowded leakage can be found by hand. But for instant noodles, biscuits, solid food, such as how to find food bags leak? One, the water stress relief method ( Vacuum method) Usually the instant noodles into the water, vacuum to the outside world. If the bags for leaks like a flat tire air bubbles, then you can clearly found leak place. Can know, determination of the sealing performance of the most commonly used method is the test unit with vacuum. Second, the test unit according to GB/T15171-94 'soft packing a sealing performance test method' requirement, vacuum test unit should include the following parts: 1, vacuum sealed bucket: jinan adenauer sealed barrels made of imported acrylic Max 100 kpa pressure of the vacuum container and sealing cover. Vacuum container for cheng fang test liquid and test samples; Cover gasket used for sealing vacuum chamber. Pumping air into vacuum state, sealing cover should be able to guarantee the airtight sex of the vacuum chamber. 2, sample clamp: the sample used for fixed test in the liquid in the vacuum chamber, its material and shape may not affect performance and test sample observation, had better choose transparent materials. 3, line: including air supply connection pipe, vacuum tubes are connected to the vacuum source and the exhaust pipe and atmosphere are interlinked. Shall be equipped with control valve open and close. 4, vacuum gauge, for measuring the vacuum indoor vacuum degree, its accuracy is not less than 1. Level 5; 5, control device, including vacuum switch, vacuum degree adjustment device, inlet valve, etc. According to the & other; Start & throughout; Key, start the test, the pressure on the vacuum gauge began to change. When the time countdown dies, prompt customer test is coming to an end, time arrives, the system will automatically start back, make the pressure on the pressure gauge slowly back to zero. If found in the process of test sample breakage or continuous bubbles, sample unqualified, should press & other Stop & throughout; Button, then press & other; Counter blowing & throughout; Key, vacuum tank pressure returned to normal atmospheric pressure, press & other Stop & throughout; Key the system return to standby mode, replace the sample test again. If they do not press the back key exhaust processing hermetic seal to open it. Test result judgment: during the trial, to observe if there is a continuous sample of air bubbles, when we have continuous air bubbles, suggests that the sample is unqualified, if only a single isolated air bubbles as a sample
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