The role of packaging during transport, publicity

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
In our life, packaging is one of the more common container, according to different requirements, we play a role is different, which contains the food packing bags. Do you know bags that play the role of what? Today is simple for you by the small make up something about what is the role of packaging? 1, transportation protection in the process of food transportation, avoid the collision, extrusion, vibration, not conducive to the physical phenomenon of food transportation, food sack can well protect the sack of food, avoid adverse factors to food, protecting the food in the transportation. 2, shell protection packaging shell can make the food and oxygen, water vapor, stains, such as seepage prevention is also necessary factors of packaging design. Some packaging include the desiccant or deoxidizer to prolong shelf life. Vacuum packaging or go to the air inside the bag is the main method of food packaging. Save the food within the shelf life of clean, fresh and safety is the first function of packaging. 3, save the volume, and to classify the same kinds of small objects into a package is a good way to save the volume. Powder and granular objects need to encapsulate. 4, convey information packing bags of food packaging and tag can convey people's food or food packaging how to use, transport, recycling, or disposal and other related information. 5, improve enterprise well-knownness food packaging printing enterprise logo design, the information such as QiYeMing, can play the role of promotion, effectively improve enterprise's popularity, it is a & other; Mobile throughout the flyer &; ! This is food sack another major role. 6, is advantageous for the measurement and management of food packaging is easy to acquire, loading and unloading, store, display, sales, open, reshipment, use and reuse, also facilitate computation quantity, is very convenient, greatly improving the efficiency of food packaging.
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