The reign of the era of the eight edge-sealing bag three edge-sealing bag is really out of date?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
Three edge-sealing heyday, that go back many years ago, remember to buy a pack of spicy dry tofu are several children, each carrying a bag of candy or a pack of spicy dry tofu, you can call for many karstens. Now at that time the spicy dry tofu candy all have no, can't see the packaging. Three edge-sealing bag was ruled the whole bag bag industry, so to speak. And then successively appeared, self-supporting bag, organ bags, quadrilateral bag eight edge-sealing bag and the most popular in recent years. The proportion of three edge-sealing bag for packing is greatly reduced. So after three edge-sealing bag will fade out the market? The future of the three edge-sealing in where? Three edge-sealing bag so far has the most mature production technology, bag making way is simpler, relative to other bag type cutting bags and flash precision is higher than other type bag, the production cost is low, and the sealing is one of the best. Now three main apply face film bag edge-sealing bag, high temperature cooking bags, vacuum bags, agricultural medicine packaging bags, vacuum bag for rice or some packaging on the package. Because three edge sealing of printing surface is single, capacity and stereo feeling more bad, so now, the merchant will choose other bag type to start packing of the products, thus to increase product sales. But three edge-sealing bag has irreplaceable advantages, such as high air tightness, low production cost, so the future of the market, the trilateral bags mainly used in the high requirement of air tightness and reusability is the packaging requirements.
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