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by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
Food packaging is an important part of food processing, along with the progress and development of the modern science and technology, the types of food packaging materials are also increasingly rich and varied. At the same time, due to the packaging materials caused by food safety incidents, emerge in endlessly, forcing people to begin to pay close attention to the safety of food packaging materials. In recent years, our country appeared a series of food safety problems caused by packaging materials, such as li riceses leave & other; The fluorescent material exceeds bid & throughout; , kitchenware & other; Manganese exceeding & throughout; , coke cans explosion, etc, make the food safety problems of packaging materials become the hot spot of attention. Allows the use of food packaging materials in China is more, mainly include paper, plastic, metal, glass and ceramic etc. With the development of food science and technology and a new food packaging industry demand, people are actively developing some new packaging materials, to make it adapt to the development of food industry in the new period the trend of The Times. Beer packaging 100% biodegradable common beer bottles on the market at present basically USES glass, plastic, traditional packaging materials such as lead material, although the packaging bottles can be recycled, but the existence of non-biodegradable problems, more or less will cause pollution to the environment. Carlsberg is understood to put forward the idea, a revolutionary packaging bottles of the development of zero pollution. With the sustainable development of the wood for the bottles, Refers to come from deforestation in a certain period of time after not cut down the wood again) As a raw material, even the cap also adopted the materials, supplemented by biological technology, realization of biodegradable packaging is 100%. It is understood that this made by the sustainable development of the wood packaging bottle is easier to recycle and reuse. At the same time, the special manufacture process to make more dense packing materials, ensure that the bottle is not easy to break. In addition, the packing bottle also performed well in terms of compatibility, applicable to beer and carbonated drinks, and within the wood fiber not only will not affect the taste of drink, compared to traditional packaging bottles, and to keep the beer and carbonated drinks cool taste, in addition the bottles opaque appearance, blocking the ultraviolet ray, is more advantageous to the product of the store. Composite materials to reduce white pollution, environmental protection, food is a hot topic in the society nowadays. In the food industry, production, packaging, waste disposal, etc are likely to bring bad effects to the environment. Therefore, biodegradable food packaging materials and therefore more popular with consumers. Recently, a business cooperation with universities, well developed biological degradable composites, once the promotion success will effectively reduce the white pollution food industry. According to introducing, biological degradable composite material products with decomposable performance, combustion not agglomeration and does not produce toxic or harmful gases, raw materials mainly from corn, potatoes and other agricultural products processing, the whole process only produce carbon dioxide and water. Adopting the composite materials of food packaging bags, Box) Renewable, biodegradable, effectively eliminate the white pollution, protect the environment. Edible oil resistant flexible packaging paper, this kind of wrapping paper for many ideal packaging food packaging materials, such as grain, sugar, flour, baking and confectionery products, and packaging of tea soup and a single package. In addition, this kind of packing material can be used for pet food and tobacco products, also can be used as gift wrapping paper, shopping bags, or layered plate. Made from renewable raw materials for sustainable packaging A thin-film southeast Asia one of the leading manufacturers. J。 Plast developed a two-way stretch polyamide ( BOPA) Thin film, according to introducing, this new plastic packaging film made by basf Ultramid biomass balance polyamide, it comes from renewable raw materials. From the new plastic food packaging helps to keep food quality, because it provides a good oxygen, moisture and odor barrier, also has good heat resistance and chemical resistance. So is the ideal packaging application materials, including vacuum packaging, cooking bags, and used to like the food such as sausages, cheese and cold stamping forming blister curry. Use Ultramid biomass balance BOPA film made of polyamide, and based on the traditional fossil raw materials made of polyamide BOPA film with the same nature. Under the premise of without affecting the quality and performance, the use of biological material helps save fossil resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Comprehensive view, the domestic and foreign enterprises on the packing material, whether it is used for packing of food safety, convenience, or resource utilization and environmental protection, actively reflect the packaging is taken seriously by people. In food packaging in the process of automatic, intelligent, design and use of the material is faced with innovation. Food packaging and food production is & other; Lips & throughout; , the relationship between China's enterprises should be learning to absorb advanced international research and development, constantly enhance their innovation, a breakthrough in new packaging materials.
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