The difference between the roll of film and bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24
Meaning the difference on the roll of film in the packaging industry is divided into two kinds of meaning, one refers to the roll of film packaging material, is made of single layer materials, such as CPP, PE, PET, OPP film, kraft paper, aluminum foil roll up and so on. Additionally one kind is the volume after packaging printing film, the raw material after printing, composite, rolling film, called composite coating or printing roll film, it is made into packaging bags before the procedure, often used for small packing, such as candy, coffee powder, honey, etc. The difference between 1 business. Monolayer film production factory can only produce the transparent plastic film, not directly in the production of packaging bags, belongs to the upstream of packaging manufacturers, are the raw material of packaging. 2. Compound ( Printing) Film manufacturer, it is no printing on transparent film, made a series of production and processing, thus, Printing) Film, on the basis of this increase a bag making process, can produce all kinds of composite bags, including leisure food packing bag, rice bag, tea bag, vacuum bag, aluminum foil bag, high temperature cooking bags, face film bags, etc. Information on the packing bag production technology introduction
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