The classification and application of the raw materials a brown paper bag

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
is paper industry and life a series of paper of a categories, and is not a single refers to a kind of paper, because of different properties and USES of kraft paper is divided into many categories. classified according to the color, can be divided into unbleached kraft paper, kraft paper, flat, kraft paper, double color red and white kraft paper, etc. And according to the different purposes of packaging can be divided into, kraft paper, moisture kraft paper, rust punching kraft paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, etc. According to the material of different can be divided into again, renewable kraft paper, kraft paper, compound wood pulp, kraft paper, kraft paper, etc. Because of the different paper and the properties of material and not the same, so the application range of the kraft paper is also very extensive. In all kinds of of all kinds of packaging supplies, kraft paper bags, tote bags, kraft paper, color box, gift boxes, kraft paper, printing, can see the figure of kraft paper, kraft paper.
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