The cautions of suction nozzle bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Suction nozzle bag is mainly divided into common suction nozzle bag and high-temperature suction nozzle bag, ordinary suction nozzle bag is mainly considered, security, fastness, reusability problem, such as liquid packaging bags and laundry detergent bags, and high temperature cooking bags, want to consider the food safety problems, how to ensure the packaging in the process of high temperature cooking, material to solvent ink will not be dissolved. And it also can guarantee the product nutrition ingredient is not lost and stale and other issues. A. Normal suction nozzle bag 1. Common materials recommended PET/PE, PA/PET/PE, PET/plated al/PE/YOPP, PET/PE/YOPP etc. 2. Normal suction nozzle bag material solvent no particular high demand, as long as can guarantee materials at room temperature, chemical stability, non-toxic tasteless, decomposition will not occur. Have certain resistance to acid, alkali, resistance to blast rate! 3. Control membrane of the friction coefficient, automatic filling machine at the time of filling bag the outer surface of the film inside should maintain good smooth, so that the automatic packing machine in the process of high speed increase for filling liquid flow smoothly. 4. Material in collocation is the nature of the material should be paid attention to, if the material is too soft, the tension suction nozzle bag will be very bad, no stereo feeling, and under the action of high speed automatic filling machine tension are prone to snap. 2. High-temperature cooking suction nozzle bag 1. Common material recommended three layers: PET/pure aluminium/RCPP, PPET/PA/RCPP four material: PET/pure aluminium/PA/RCPP. 2. For special purposes, so the material performance standards will be the key consideration. Such as acid, alkali, impact resistance, resistance to freezing, barrier property, etc. 3. The above material is very stable chemical properties at high temperature. About whether compound solvent will resolve the problem such as, it is suggested that choose to have the packing bag of scale and experience manufacturers. 4. Note the sterilization ways, there are two ways to get the high temperature sterilization, high temperature and high pressure sterilization and low temperature atmospheric pressure sterilization. The advantage of low temperature atmospheric pressure sterilization is that the stability of heating is relatively low, so there was no food of cellulose and protein are destroyed, reserved taste is better, not to change. And all sorts of nutrition are better preserved. The disadvantage due to low temperature just kill pathogenic bacteria, food will be the presence of large amounts of putrefactive bacteria inside, so the food shelf life compared with that of a high temperature sterilization is short, and easy to cause the product loss during the transit. High temperature and high pressure sterilization just solved the problem, most of the bacteria in the environment of high temperature and high pressure and corruption will be killed, so the shelf life of products can be greatly extended. But the problem is, the heating temperature is high, food cellulose and protein will be destroyed, causing food part of the loss of nutrients, taste discount.
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