The ancients originally packed in what to do, 'can you think of'

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Since ancient times for tying knots in ropes, to later to oracle as writing materials, until the spring and autumn period to use bamboo, wood and 缣帛 as writing materials. But because of the very expensive 缣帛, bamboo is very heavy, so instead it was invented by CAI lun in eastern han dynasty paper then arises at the historic moment. So two paper started as writing material was invented, the fact is that so? Along with the archaeological research found that the new paper by CAI lun in earlier than previous one, and in two hundred had been invented. Ahead of the invention of paper s, that is used to do on earth? Do two is used for writing? Let's back history. Above the ancient books, paper is mostly in the western han dynasty with many not loose open, or have never been pounded fiber as hemp fiber. The original paper is rough, loosely organized, pulp distribution is not uniform, the surface is not smooth, not suitable for used as a writing material. Monastery of zheng zhong zhao writes in 'six officials to prayer & other; Six li wen is closed, first this paper table, also be silks capsule. ” Technology is a marriage of six kinds of rituals. Mean all six li wen want to seal, then use the paper to seal up, and then into the silks bag again. This monastery in the age of the paper can be used to make packaging. Again such as gansu dunhuang relics unearthed paper above suspension springs, most were not write, and even some of the written word, also never write in the beginning part of the paper, or writing on the lower left corner. According to expert textual research, the paper above written word, in fact, are all types of han dynasty. Scholars concluded that if the paper is used for packing materials, the Angle in paper writing is just a dew on the inside of the packaging. It seems very likely is the original paper used for packing. Original paper is used for packaging bags by inherited from the ancient, the green paper ancient xi, as the outstanding Chinese people is necessary to go down!
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