Tell you use food packaging should pay attention to

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Now the food safety problem has become more and more cause the attention of all social layer, and food packaging in the food safety problem is also a lot of attention. Food packaging is in direct contact with food, house, protection, also with storage, transportation convenience. But the quality of food packaging also affects the safety of food, let's take a look at the process of food packaging bags of some matters needing attention. A, there are no peculiar smell, like rotten food packaging requirements, if there is a special smell, will not be used in food packaging. Second, our country stipulated food packaging to show that the product name, producer name and address, expiration date, date of production, and so on information, and indicate in the clear & other; Used for food & throughout; The words. Third, try not to choose coating, coating materials for food packaging, most of the coating itself has toxicity, if people eating the packaging of food, can produce very big harm to people body. And such packaging products scrapped after it is more difficult to recycle, brings great pollution to the environment, solvent coating volatile toxic gas, produce the heavy metals such as chromium when electroplating waste liquid and waste residue pollution environmental problems. Some matters needing attention of the food packaging bags, I think both man and production enterprise, should have such awareness, it's not just responsible for ourselves and for others, is also responsible for our survival environment.
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