Reusing plastic packaging technology

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Materials recovery technology is will be after sorting ( According to the packing material type) Packaging waste, using the corresponding processing technology, make similar regeneration for the new material. In terms of regeneration technology, generally can be different kinds of packaging waste material recycling, but the economy has bigger difference of the recycled materials. One paper, glass and metal recycling economy reasonable, plastic is not ideal. Heat recovery is mixed into the flammability of packaging waste incinerator combustion, the combustion process of heat energy as an energy source, for power generation and heating. Heat recovery before do not generally requires a strict separation of mixed packaging waste and the recycling of solid waste as a result the volume and weight of children greatly reduced, the processing method is a convenient packaging waste. But it's worth noting that the recycling process of flue gas to the reliable technology measures to prevent the secondary pollution of the atmosphere. Plastic packaging waste recycling and disposal of the kinds of plastic packaging materials and use the use of plastic packaging materials in our country children account for around 26% of the whole plastic production. Plastic packaging of many varieties, forming variety, with many excellent properties, such as divided into normal temperature resistance, resistance to low temperature, high temperature hills per ha, tensile, compression, shockproof, etc all kinds of material, is a widely application in packaging world, whether it's food ( Solid, liquid) , industrial goods, groceries, chemical, cultural supplies and so on all can use. Now application more plastic packaging materials are: polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, nylon, b is a vinyl acetate copolymer, etc. Plastic products form a thin film, fiber and rigid molding material. Which film can be made into all kinds of plastic bags, fiber can be woven bag or larger bag, rigid molding material can be made into all kinds of plastic, plastic bottles, plastic box, turnover box, plastic boxes, etc.
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