Red jujube jujube storage and fresh-keeping packaging packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
Fresh jujube by dehydration dried ( Drying or baking) After, known as the red jujube ( Or dried dates) 。 Used for storage of red jujube, moderate to dry, no damage, no diseases and pests, ruddy color, size and tidy. Red jujube sugar content is higher, the larger moisture absorption and oxidation resistance, so should try to reduce the storage temperature and humidity during storage. Low temperature is a major means of reducing the loss of jujube fruit vitamin C, drying is not conducive to the growth of microorganisms. 【 Red packet 】 Red jujube during storage, dehumidifying through congress caused ferment and mildew rot, rice moth, wheat moth, pests, such as theft are dried dates, rat should be paid attention to. Found the moisture regain, bug eat by moth, or rat, drying and insects and rodents measures in time, prevent causing a greater loss. ( 1) Storage method: north mass storage, will use the sacks pallet storage. Pallet, bags and bags, between the gap between pile and pile should have ventilation, ventilation. Wall is somewhat moisture, crib don't get too close to the walls. Mildew between summer, it is the outside of each bag is red jujube combined a sack, favorable duty off moisture; Second, pay attention to close the doors and Windows in the warehouse and vent. When the outside temperature, dry, discharge of the rolls to dig, change into the dry air. Set the lime hygroscopic point in the warehouse, can significantly reduce the humidity. The storage capacity, available cylinder ( The altar) Storage, cylinder ( The altar) Mouth closely sealed with plastic film, in shade, safe for the summer. ( 2) Southern method: the high temperature high humidity area, mould heat season should be refrigerated storage. Red jujube with gunny bags, in 5 ℃ storage warehouse. Before the cold storage, make to the transition temperature is a bit high, gradually move to the outside of the library. For waterproof gas condensing into water droplets on the jujube fruit, don't immediately to bagging, and should stand out, such as the condensed water bead disappear, sinotrans in bag packaging again. A small amount of red jujube using rice husk ash storage. On the ground and dry rice husk ash about 1 cm thick, spread a layer of red jujube, and rice husk ash covered red jujube, and then lay a layer of red jujube. Such a layer of a layer of red jujube rice husk ash heap can be 30 & ndash; 40 cm tall. This kind of storage method can moisture-proof, sterilization, jujube grain drying, effect is good. Family storage red jujube, with large volume covered it. Wash to dry the altar wall, put in 4 & ndash; 5 cm thick layer of quick lime, lime spread two Zhang Hou paper on paper put red jujube, altar mouth made a package for sand cloth cover, sealing role.
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