Plate making and the version of the packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Bags of plate making and the version release date: 2018 - 10 - 30 how many clients will be consulting bags and plate making and the version, the version can how so expensive cheaper, let's explain the problem in detail. Food packaging bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bag process refers to the print edition, version is turn the electronic document to a carrier can be printed, the graphic above the computer through the certain technology reproduced on this version, and then put the plate making good version installed on the printer to start printing. At present, general process classified as: gravure, letterpress, offset, orifice. For me the prices of edition fee issue edition fee below how to calculate? First, we need to know the color of the bag has a few kinds of color, for example, there are four kinds of color, four edition version of roller with roller to print these four kinds of color, is a separate independent printing, so the version is making the price of this version of the roll, a bag, with some version of the roller of a few kinds of color, with a version of the number of roller unit price multiplied by the version of roller even took out the whole version of the packaging bags. So the version can be cheap, in fact, is not plate making, food packaging manufacturer will find near the plate making factory to carry on the production process, the money is directly to plate making factory. Plate making quality also has the corresponding high and low, the smaller plate making factory price is low, but can't guarantee the quality, may appear all sorts of problems when printing. On big plate of this factory is the important choice. Cob packaging has many years of experience in production of printed bags, left a packing quality good and bad in every link strict control. Plate above, choose high quality plate making factory to cooperate, because we don't want to because of the plate making loss of customers, and we promise are pleased to offer, with no profit, please rest assured purchase. The above is the problem of packing bags of plate making and the version, more questions about packing bags of food packaging may be consulted. A: food packaging bags under the terms of an article: food packaging bags on the bar code' How to apply for, what purpose 】
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