Plastic vacuum bag printing standards have?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
Plastic vacuum bag printing standards have? There are mainly three points 1, plastic vacuum bag specifications and quality requirements (1) finished product specifications: plastic film bag, more than 100 x200mm error 4 mm, the following error & plusmn; 3mm。 (2) the design position ( The width) : 100 mm below permissible error 2 mm; More than 100 & ndash; Allowed error of 200 mm 3 mm; More than 200 & ndash; 400 mm margin of error of 4 mm. (3) inky: hue right, bright, even, bright. (4) : lather overprint accurate, error is not greater than zero. 3mm。 (5) checker: pattern is clear, distinct. 6 text lines: complete clearly, not out of shape. All landowners sealing: smooth, firm and good sealing. End compound: even and firm, not wrinkle, no bubble, secondary parts in 250 px2 can only have one bubble diameter is not more than 1 mm. Pet-name ruby appearance: the finished product is clean, there is no obvious dirt. 2, plastic vacuum bag inspection method and the test rules (1) finished product specifications: design position and overprint error, ruler, tape measure, scale magnifying glass measuring. (2) the ink fastness test: with medical tape on the 10 x20mm printing, slow viscous secondary measurement. (3) sealing fastness test: will bag blown up, after the strike with the palm, sealed bag broken and does not open, or use the hands of your thumb and forefinger pincer-like device of the sealing film tear is not open. (4) sealing test: will bag dangling water 10 minutes, and the sealing water penetration. 5. The rest of the indicators: the bag with a piece of paper backing, with five times the magnifying glass: visual distance 500 mm. Can tear of 6: when acceptance of user units 1 & ndash; 2 packages suitable amount of sampling inspection, if found, can further unpacking check, double qualified goods, such as still is unqualified, can repair, repair and compensation according to the situation. 3, plastic vacuum bag marks, packaging, transportation and storage of (1) : packing label paste on the inspection, and indicate the user units, product name, specifications, quantity, production factory name, production date and inspector. Unit (2) packing: according to customer requirements packaging, there is no requirement, but according to the area of the product, quantity, with a strong paper subcontract tightly, the volume of the subcontract, the number of equilibrium, eli points, storage. (3) the transportation and storage: beware of be affected with damp be affected with damp, exposure, heat, oily be soiled, hit hit, weight, storage period shall not exceed three months.
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