Plastic in the application of aseptic packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
Plastic in the application of aseptic packaging release date: 2020 - 03 - 24 storage storage environment should be no peculiar smell. No toxic substances. The sun was shining clean cool. If the packaging carton was badly damaged. Sterile bag can not use filling filling process is as follows: artificial insert packaging bags in the jig. According to the. Start - Key. Bags that locking in filling the position. Cover unloader will seal plug from the bag filling mouth off, then the lateral the filling valve will be fixed in filling the mouth of the packaging bags. Located in the suction valve of the filling head automatically open and take time to packaging. A time after the packet. Filling valve automatically opens. Until receiving signals from metering device filling end and stop filling. Filling after termination, the nitrogen valve automatically open, make the rest of the space inside the bags filled with nitrogen. When nitrogen filled, filling valve and rotate to the in situ. Extraction device, the hermetic seal to the filling inside the mouth or above, used for wrapping contrapuntal slider stop automatically open, has filled the packing bag of can be released automatically. 。 Sealing contact with other objects, avoiding disinfecting bag don't clamp disinfection in sealed packaging bags, packaging must be sealed in good condition, quotas, and record the date of production, filling head of the temperature and the number of disinfection in each packaging bags. To avoid yourself fill good disinfection bags and other packaging barrels or leave gaps on its cover. If there is empty. Please be sure to fill it, in order to prevent the outer packing in disinfecting bag collision occurs due to loose. Sterile sterile room also includes a tubular nozzle in production periodically to the inner surface of cylinder and embedded components spraying disinfectant and steam. Floor of the nozzle in the spray valve is located in in situ to its base. The nozzle can be used to clean sterile room. In the process of production. Sterile room has been in a state of steam jet. Can keep constant temperature. Hypochlorite is used for filling in the field of disinfection process. Its concentration is unfavorable exceed 0. 025%. But this disinfectant must go through regulation. And the pH value is to be kept between 7 and 1. The previous: liquid soft plastic packaging film production needs attention next article: composite bags wholesale introduction and application
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