PE plastic bag poisonous? Can be filled with food?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
PE plastic bag poisonous? Can be filled with food? PE plastic bag poisonous? Said the answer: the PE plastic bag is non-toxic, can be used to pack food. PE plastic bags are not only tasteless non-toxic, and most of the food packaging bags have to PE materials used for production. Many supermarkets sell kitchen dedicated fresh valve bag is made of PE material, PE plastic bag if it is to use a new polyethylene materials production, is non-toxic, tasteless, but some unscrupulous producers to reduce costs, will join reworked material. Reworked material refers to the use of plastic products plastic particles of raw materials, processed into reworked material in many magazines, and security cannot be guaranteed, so in time must pay attention to the quality inspection PE plastic bags are mixed with the reworked material. So how to distinguish adulterated PE plastic bags have reworked material? How to view the PE plastic bag plus the reworked material? 1 non-toxic PE plastic characteristics of no toxicity of PE bag is generally present state of milky white or colorless, touch feel smooth, simple sense is similar to the wax. Non-toxic PE bag surface is smooth and no particles are not dirty or yellow, this is non-toxic PE plastic bags. Most of the PE plastic bags on the market are non-toxic, contain reworked material may have common toxicity by production into other would not be human consumption objects such as plastic buttons or garbage bags, etc. Non-toxic PE bag: 2 joined the reworked material PE bag features usually joined the reworked material PE bags is not very smooth, the surface is usually made from black bag, because black can cover up raw materials of all sorts of color. PE reworked material usage scenario is biggest in the life of the most common black plastic bags, if we put the black plastic bags for the light or the sun, can clearly see some black plastic bag is not dissolved into a thin film of solid particles. Black garbage bags: ENDPE/PO/PP/PVC/CPE/PPE/OPP/EVA
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