Packaging manufacturer to tell you how should choose soft packaging materials

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Packaging manufacturer to tell you how should choose soft packaging materials release date: 2019 - 06 - 03 flexible packaging is different from rigid packaging packaging, not strict classification, in general the flow of goods in the whole process to go through packaging, transportation, sales, every link request packaging material should have corresponding characteristics. So when choosing flexible packaging materials should have the following features. 1, the protection performance. Packaging should protect built-in objects, its performance and reliability not love outside mechanical factors, such as impact or vibration environment material such as air or water, climate conditions, Such as temperature) The influence of. 2, operation performance. For plastic packaging and printing materials, the first to have printing, or after pretreatment can solve the problem of printing fastness. Also requires a certain rigidity and stiffness, can adapt automatically packaging packaging machinery, to adapt to mechanical sealing and heat sealing bag making, and has the properties such as easy filling goods, jie mouth. 3, transfer and storage performance. Packaging should have certain compressive strength, in the circulation field by the general pressure is not easy to damage. The modelling of packaging to facilitate piled up, accounting for less space. 4, sales performance. Color to the novel packaging, decoration printing colors should be bright and easy, in line with the sales region people's hobby, has the market competition ability. In addition, it also requires no electrostatic, in order to avoid the dust pollution. A: plastic bags to teach you to use plastic packaging should pay attention to what the next: tell you the inspection standards of vacuum bag packaging manufacturer
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