Packaging manufacturer to introduce the points for attention during the production of face film aluminum foil bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
With the improvement of people's living standard, the quality of life is getting better and better, people for their own problems is becoming more and more attention, especially for women, skin care products, cosmetics and so on have been necessaries of life, and the aluminum foil bag mask in which there is no doubt that in the market occupies an important place in many types of cosmetics products. More than common mask packaging on the market at present to face bags, material is aluminum foil bag or aluminized bag more, the production of face film bags are generally has a good sealing and high barrier property and can satisfy the mask packaging should have a long shelf life and good texture, it is the basic determines the mask material structure and the requirement of the packaging bags. Species, in the face of the market demand is bigger and bigger mask package aluminum foil bag, we also found a lot of face film bag production quality problems, should pay attention to in the daily production, trying to avoid. Such as wrinkle mask bag sealing side, virtual closure, blisters, uneven; Surface uneven or mask packaging bag; Mask bag end face such problems as uneven. And the quality problem in the face of all these mask packaging, consumer should particularly note that because of the sensitive parts of the mask to get direct contact with the consumer products, is the face. Once the mask bag appear quality problem, also can product leakage problems, pollution facial mask product, for consumer body cause certain harm. For the mask manufacturers, more attention should be paid to this kind of problem, serious quality problems will not only influence the corporate reputation, also may do harm to consumers, reduce the consumer to enterprise's trust. In mask packaging production process, therefore, heat seal, incision technology problems such as uneven to strict attention, as well as the production equipment should be in strict inspection before production to avoid foreign bodies, etc.
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